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Traditional Bluegrass by Jerry Wicentowski

Thanks, Mac!

A wonderful tribute to Mac Wiseman, one of the greatest and still-enduring old pioneers of bluegrass music, and whose voice, phrasing, and rhythm guitar playing have been Jerry’s primary inspirations... Jerry pays respectful homage to Wiseman, but puts his own commanding stamp on each song, making this not only a special tribute to Wiseman, but also a treasure that should be in the possession of every lover of American music.
— Bill Malone

As a teenager, Jerry Wicentowski was inspired to play guitar and sing bluegrass music by first generation performers. None had a more profound impact on him than Mac Wiseman, who was deemed to possess “The Voice with a Heart.” This recording, entitled “Thanks, Mac!”, is Jerry’s way of expressing gratitude to Mac for the pleasure and inspiration he has received from the gentleman he considers the master of vocal tone and expression.

“Thanks, Mac!” is available now via online music distributors and as a CD for purchase here. Listen to a preview of the whole album.

Lucky Break

Your attention will be commanded by his outstanding vocal performances on this, Jerry’s first solo album. His high clear voice carries on the tradition of the pioneers in bluegrass, especially Bill Monroe and Red Alan, but he is far from a pale imitation or carbon copy of those early greats. Jerry’s performances here have uniqueness, depth of feeling, and most important, respect and reverence for the music.
— Rod Moag

“Lucky Break” is available via online music distributors and as a CD for purchase here.